tHe Spring Kuching

tHe Spring

tHe Spring
If you don’t know what’s Spring, you are obviously a tourist in Kuching.

When people speak of Spring, they mean a big, wide,  spacious building.       It is a  food and shopping paradise!
Lots of famous and branded stores are inside Spring.
I took a few pictures to show you what those stores are.

I went there yesterday to have my dinner. We stopped at this place called KIM BAY H.K Macau Restaurant.
In my opinion, the food they serve are not that delicious.

Kim Bay

Starting off with this “Seafood” noodle.
I ordered Seafood noodle and i see “greens” inside.


1 more thing that I’m not happy about is…
Look below.Racist

Only Muslims get discount. Don’t ask me why.
After I ate there with my family, we went through the main entrance.
You would most certainly see Starbucks Coffee at your left and Big apple donuts at your right.


BIG apple donuts

As you walk in the main area of the complex, you should see a Quicksilver and a Roxy store fused together.



On the Second floor there’s a small BodyGlove store but its just a small shop with little choices.

Body Glove

A Nike store






Get your tight jeans here!


Also the iPod Nano at Spring I was talking about in the previous post.

iPod Nano

And everyone knows Parkson




This is near the food court.

Kenny Rogers Roasters

On that day(2nd august) there was a car show and it’s the last day!
So lucky to have went there in time.

Spring autoshow

Is it locked? heheh


Civic hybrid…or something


A converterble!!!

Me and a converterble

New Beeeeeeeeetle


A clown for Isuzu giving out balloons sculptures.
Don’t look at the girl behind eating something.
She is not related to me. :p

Isuzu Clown

Before you leave “Please pay” :p

Ticket Payment Machine

That’s pretty much that is in Spring.
It sounds small because I was not shopping. 😀

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  1. Nice post Tommy! keep it up 🙂

    • =D

  2. […] can get all Apple products online at their webstore or go to any Apple retailers in Kuching @ the Spring or Tun […]

  3. why only muslim get discount?? Kimbay is halal restaurant? chinese no discount. that;s not fair.

    • I don’t know. Yes kimbay is a halal restaurant.

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